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The ocean makes all life on earth possible, and it’s our responsibility to protect and defend it from current threats like climate change, ocean trash and overfishing. At Ocean Conservancy, we need your partnership to continue to build power for our ocean by tackling complex and multifaceted global challenges to ensure the survival of our blue planet and all life that call it home. The ocean’s future is our future.

A gift to Ocean Conservancy in your will or trust, or by naming name Ocean Conservancy the beneficiary of your retirement plan or other financial account, is a powerful statement of hope – that together, we can turn the tide for our ocean.

There are many ways that you can support our ocean’s future:

  • A gift in your will or living trust
  • A gift by naming Ocean Conservancy a beneficiary of your retirement plan, life insurance or other financial account
  • A gift that offers you income – including charitable gift annuities or charitable remainder trusts

These gifts are deeply meaningful and don’t need to be complicated:

  1. You can care for your family first and still make a significant impact. Even 1% for Ocean Conservancy will represent an additional gift to your loved ones: the gift of a healthy ocean environment for all.
  2. You can change your mind at any time – you’re never bound by a decision you make today.
  3. We gratefully welcome all gifts in any amount. 
  4. You can inspire others and lead by example as a member of the Ocean Legacy Society.

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